Where to buy

The Real Advent Calendar​We hope you will  encourage individuals, churches, schools or groups to buy a Real Advent Calendar. We have a range of resources that can help support sales of the calendar. 

Tesco - in stores now

Tesco is the only supermarket that will be stocking The Real Advent Calendar this year as it has ordered enough to offer a national in-store collect and home delivery service.

Tesco Superstores and Extras (NOT Metro's or Express) should have them on the shelves or in storage. So pop in and buy your from Tesco Superstores and Extras (not Metros or smaller stores). You can find your nearest store here (but make sure it is a Superstore or Extra).
Larger quantities

Call 0800 505 555 and give your postcode. Tell them how many you want Real Advent Calendar's you want (5060253080056). They can tell you which stores have the quantity you need and may be able to connect with Customer Services at the store to allow you to place your bulk Customer Order over the phone. Then just collect.

Even if your order quantity is more than the store is due to receive, they should be able to order a specific supply for you in a few days.

Don't  take no as a response. The Tesco buyer has sorted out this system with stores

Independent shops

Select independent retailers, Christian bookshops and some Cathedral resource centres also have limited supplies. Details can be seen on our Real Advent shop locator.

National Independents

Please see TLM