Real Advent




The recommended retail price is £3.99. 

The Real Advent Calendar is the only charity advent calendar with a free Christmas story booklet.

It will help everyone enjoy and share the Christmas story.

Each calendar comes with a free 32 page Christmas story-activity booklet designed to be used each day in Advent (shown to the right and detailed below).

Behind each of the 24 windows there is a Fairtrade Belgian chocolate (different character for each day), and a line of the Christmas story.

As well as celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, the calendar makes a charity donation from every sale to Traidcraft Exchange and The Funzi & Bodo Trust.

The picture on the cover is a beautiful illustration of Jesus, Mary and Joseph travelling together. It reminds us that all families are on a journey of discovery together in the season of advent. The accompanying booklet, which has a page for every day of advent, has a traditional nativity scene as the last illustration but the sense of travelling together is summed up by the first image and the calendar cover as families make their journey through advent.

We would love you to help someone celebrate the real meaning of Christmas this year by giving them a Real Advent Calendar. 









Product information

  • Made, designed and produced in the UK
  • 10 pence from every sale is donated to The Funzi & Bodo Trust.
  • Made from 85g of high-quality Fairtrade milk chocolate 
  • Plastic tray can be recycled
  • Card can be recycled

Booklet Pages

Illustrated by Sophie Allsopp.


Frequently asked questions

Is your chocolate allergy free?
Our chocolate contains natural ingredients. The 2015 Real Advent calendar is handmade in the UK in a place where people also handle nuts, therefore we cannot guarantee totally nut free chocolate in this year's calendar. Our milk chocolate contains milk and so is not suitable for those with an allergy to lactose. There is also soya lecithin. 

Is the Real Advent Calendar suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, our chocolate is made with natural cocoa butter and contains no vegetable fat substitutes.

Where does your chocolate come from and where do you make it?
Our sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Beliz. Our cocoa from cooperatives in the Ivory Coast with additional higher quality beans, used to create our unique blend, from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Peru, Panama and Ecuador. The chocolate is made in Belgium. 

Why is your chocolate not more healthy?
Our aim is to make chocolate that most people can enjoy as a treat and as part of a balanced diet. We use the best natural ingredients in our chocolate. If we replaced natural cocoa butter or sugar with highly processed artificial alternatives then fewer people would enjoy it. So we say enjoy our chocolate but be treat wise.

Why is your chocolate not 100% Fairtrade?
All the cocoa and sugar used to make our chocolate is certified Fairtrade. Some ingredients are not yet certified as Fairtrade.

Does your chocolate contain palm oil?
No. In the UK it is possible to add 5% vegetable fat to chocolate. Unlike some larger manufacturers, we don't add any palm oil or any other oils to our chocolate. It's just natural chocolate.